My name is Paul Ruggiere and I am seeking your help to bring better governance to Denton County.

A Track Record of Conservative Leadership

I was elected to two terms on the Corinth City Council and have served as Mayor since 2009. Corinth was a small town that experienced explosive population growth in a 10-year period. When cities grow fast, structural changes in city government tend to be reactive. Years later, we found ourselves with a dysfunctional organizational structure, high employee turnover, and inadequate roads and utilities to serve our population. I led the council and staff to implement changes and build for our future. Today we have a professionally-run city with modern infrastructure and effective services. We are on the verge of making major economic development announcements.

We have reduced our city's debt by nearly 40 percent since its peak in 2008 and will see a tax decrease of 10% after retiring a substantial portion of our debt by 2017. Standard and Poor has referred to our rate of paying-off debt as "rapid."

Why Denton County Needs New Leadership

When I examine how Denton County has dealt with growth, I see poor leadership and the pursuit of ill-conceived policies that will create future problems and continued tax increases. Denton County has the highest operating/debt-service tax rate in the Metroplex. We have been saddled with the highest debt-rate per capita in the Metroplex. Under our current leadership, I see no end to this trend.

The growth of this county is an opportunity that, if managed correctly, will provide continued economic growth and effective government operations in the future. If the County continues its current path, I am concerned we will see a growing, inefficient government bureaucracy resulting in tax increases for years to come.

Join me in bringing collaborative, responsible leadership back to Denton County. I ask for your support and your vote in the March 4 Republican Primary.

All across this state, and indeed across this nation, solid, conservative Republicans are standing up to the old guard and running against entrenched incumbents who no longer represent the best interests of the people and have used their positions of trust for personal gain and the gain of their friends.   

What Ted Cruz accomplished statewide in 2012, we must accomplish in Denton County in 2014.

I am committed to bringing a new generation of proven, forward-thinking leadership to this rapidly growing county.

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Hugh Coleman
County Commissioner, Pct. 1

Cindy Spencer
Mayor, Town of Shady Shores

Thomas Muir

Mayor, City of Sanger

Dave Hill
Mayor, City of Krugerville

Steve Smith
Mayor, Town of Crossroads

Pete Hollar

Mayor, City of Pilot Point

Jim Wohletz
Mayor, City of Oak Point

Victor Burgess
Former Denton County Judge

Dale Kimble
Denton Resident

Kathleen Wazny

Robson Ranch

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